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Friday, 5 May 2017

Tips for SENCOs - Part 2: Management of TAs

Approximate reading time: 1 minute, 30 secs.

1. Get your TAs on your side – make them feel they are part of a team. Make managing the TAs a top priority. If they are behind you they will be supporting the pupils effectively and efficiently, if they're not you'll be spending all your time dealing with the fall-out.
2. Fight their corner if necessary.
3. Be clear about your expectations of TA conduct and behaviour/dress code, etc.
4. Listen to your TAs, but let them know you have the ultimate say.
5. Make sure they have a timetable, and that they stick to it.
6. Give them training opportunities, in-house and out when relevant.
7. Treat them fairly, but not all the same!
8. Nip bickering in the bud, don't allow grudges to fester.
9. If you lose some along the way because they can't accept that you are in charge - so be it!
10. Treat them with respect at all times - even when it hurts.
11. Develop your LSAs. Allow them to choose an area to develop – literacy – Aspergers – whatever the need in school and for their own interest. They read the books, go on courses, then share information with others. They become the expert.
12. Send them on courses which allow them to gain qualifications so they have a career ladder and something to aim for.
13. Make sure they have performance management.
14. Produce a TA handbook.

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Contributed by Janice Rolnick MA RSAdip

Educational Consultant

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