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Thursday, 7 May 2015

New language groups sneak peek!

General Language Groups

As part of the Infant Language Link package you have access to a General Language Group all about the playground. We recommend this group for any pupil identified by the screen as having difficulties understanding language. The group is a type of language nurture group, covering many areas of language development such as vocabulary skills, basic concepts, negatives and question words. The General Language Group is ideal for reception and year one children. It consists of 8 session plans and 8 tracking sheets, plus lots of games and activities all ready to print and play.

New General Language Groups

We are currently developing two NEW General Language Groups, the Classroom and By the Sea. You can choose which group theme you would like to use. They all target the same level, one is not easier or harder than the other. So just choose the one you like the sound of! Whether it's Playground, Classroom or By the Sea!

Here's a *sneak peek* of some of the resources that will be available in the Classroom General Language Group. These new groups will be available for you to use in your school from this September.

If you have any questions about how to set up language groups or the best way to run a language group, just give the Help Desk a call on 0845 257 5084, or email

Sarah Wall, Speech & Language Therapist at Speech Link Multimedia Ltd.

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