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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Some simple Easter themed Speech & Language Games!

Here's some simple games you can play in your speech & language sessions in the lead up (and after!) Easter!

Working on Speech Sounds

Egg Box - using an old egg box, either write or stick a sound in each egg compartment. Take turns to throw a coin into the box from a distance. The child must practice the sound they land on.

Plastic eggs - using those plastic eggs that break apart, fill each one with a speech sound, or a small toy which has the child's sound in it (e.g. if working on 'k' you could use a cat, king, key, sock). The child must pick an egg, open it up and practice their sound or word.

Feed the bunny - Draw, colour in and cut out a large picture of a bunny's head, and cut out a space for their mouth. Stand the bunny's head up using a separate piece of card. The child must feed the bunny their sound or word cards. You could combine this with the previous task, so the child must feed the bunny with the egg containing their practiced sound or word. Here's a good one I found on Pinterest!

Easter egg hunt - Hide the coloured plastic eggs around the room, filled with sounds or words to practice. The child must hunt for the eggs and practice the sound or word they find.

Working on vocabulary skills

Word matching - Cut out an egg shape on coloured paper, then write two words that go together on the egg, one at the top and one at the bottom (or you can draw pictures!) For example, mouse-cheese, hat-scarf, pen-pencil, bed-pillow, etc. Cut the eggs in half, and play a matching game, talking about how the words go together.

Working on following instructions

Hide the egg - give each child an instruction to hide the egg, for example 'Hide the egg under the box'. You could ask one child to hide the egg, send the other children on a hunt for the egg, and when they are all back together, ask the child who found the egg to tell you where they found the egg, for example 'The egg was under the chair'.

Working on memory skills

Feed the bunny - You will need a soft toy bunny and some picnic food items. Ask each child to feed the bunny. You can vary the complexity of the instruction. For example, 'Feed the bunny the apple', 'Feed the bunny the apple and the cake', 'Feed the bunny the apple, the cake and the sausages'.

Have fun!! Happy Easter!

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