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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Apps in Speech Therapy... a few of my favourites

Apps for speech and language therapy

This half term, I’ve been taking a look at the apps I have enjoyed using on my iPad and thought I’d share my favourites with you!

Apps for Speech work

Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech - I have used this app a lot as there are so many ways you can use it in speech work. It has a bank of pictures for all sounds. You can work at word level and sentence level. You can add your own photos too. It includes useful information about eliciting the speech sounds, and the ages they should be mastered. It’s possible to score the child’s progress and save the notes, but I haven’t used this bit yet. You can buy the whole pack of speech sounds for £35, or you can try the ‘p’ sound out for free, and then purchase each sound as and when you need it.

Smart Oral Motor by Smarty Ears (£3.99) - This is a cute app for working on oral motor exercises. A duck demonstrates the exercise, and the child copies.

Apps as rewards

I use a whole bunch of apps as rewards, in between working on speech sounds, or when we have finished one activity. These are my current favourites.

Toca Kitchen Monsters (free) - Feed the monster from a selection of food from the fridge! You can even cook it first! The monster will spit it out if he doesn’t like it!

ThumbJam (£5.99) – choose your instrument and play using your fingers. Good loud app for kids who need to release some energy between activities.

Puzzles for Children (free) - Quick and simple animal puzzles for when you need a quick reward! Kids Puzzles is also good.

Dress Up Professions (free) - Dress baby up as a policeman, explorer or doctor (there’re loads more outfits to purchase).

Apps for Language skills

The Bag Game (£1.49) – Hide an object in the bag and ask questions to try to guess what’s in the bag! Practice vocabulary skills, describing and questioning.

Pocket Pond 2 (free) - A gorgeous app, bird’s eye view looking in to a fish pond! You can interact with the fish by feeding them or splashing the water! I love this app. It’s great for shy kids, who need a bit of coaxing to talk, to motivate or build rapport. You can talk about the fish and practice some language skills!

Tools for SALTs

Speech Therapy Toolkit - There’s a free sticker Reward Chart and colouring book.

Age Calculator by Easybee (free) – does what it says! Handy for assessments and scoring.

Pearson assessment app - has an age calculator, stop watch, timer, age to grade/school year converter, and calculator, plus more

Sarah Wall, Speech & Language Therapist

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Meet our artist!

Meet our artist, Darrie. He's been with Speech Link Multimedia Ltd since the very start. He is also joint owner of Big Leap. He produces all the illustrations for our Speech Link, Infant and Junior Language Link assessments, as well as all the resources!
He also produced a lot of the illustrations for the new Secondary Language Link assessment and intervention resources.
Darrie is currently very busy drawing illustrations for our new printed resources, which we are very excited to launch next year! You will be able to purchase them online in our new shop.
Darrie is also a talented guitar player.

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