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Friday, 9 May 2014

Teaching prepositions the fun way!

An understanding of concept vocabulary, including prepositions, provides the foundation for learning. Knowledge of these concept words is essential for following instructions, problem solving, learning to read, engaging in conversation, and participation in most activities. Knowing these words is vital for getting along at school! Some children struggle to learn concept words. We talk more about the importance of concepts in our magazine article here.

Here’s a fun idea to teach prepositions which can be shared with parents. All you need is your child’s favourite character toy (e.g. Batman, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, Spiderman…..) and a plastic cup or two!

Following the child’s lead and commenting on their play, you can model the prepositions 'on, under, in, above, below, in front of, between', etc. You can then go on to ask “Where is Batman?” ("Under the cup!")

I came across this idea on Twitter. Read more about this activity here… (there’s lots more activity ideas here too!)

I love this idea, as it is encourages letting the child lead the play, commenting on their play, and they can enjoy playing with their favourite characters! Simple, but effective!

Another idea…

We get a lot of questions/calls/emails asking how to teach pronouns (he, she, her, him, his, hers). We provide some activities on our website. However there’s nothing better than teaching in the child’s natural environment. Characters can be used to teach pronouns using the same strategies as above: follow the child’s play, comment on what is happening, and emphasise those pronouns. Using a male and female character, comment on what they are doing. For example, “He’s climbing up the building”, “She’s driving the car”, and the occasional question “Is the bag his, or hers?” etc.

Sarah Wall, Speech and Language Therapist

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